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Press Releases

  • Date 14/04/2024

    FTSE Mondo Visione Exchange's Index Down 0.1% In March, Up 1.4% In First Quarter

    In the first quarter of 2024, markets were attuned to the balance between decreasing macroeconomic risks and escalating geopolitical tensions. These opposing forces could lead to sharp reversals, heightened volatility, and market dislocation. A retreat in market sentiment could occur as these dynamics unfold.

  • Date 22/03/2024

    As Growth Prospects Brighten FTSE Mondo Visione Exchange Index Up 4.3% In February

    Global markets have shown remarkable resilience in the past twelve months, withstanding sharp monetary tightening, escalating geopolitical conflicts, and increased economic uncertainty. Global inflation has notably decreased, making financial market expectations of policy rate cuts in 2024 appear more plausible now.

  • Date 19/02/2024

    FTSE Mondo Visione Exchange Index Down 2.7% In January

    The new year kicked off much like the previous one, with escalating geopolitical tensions and ongoing concerns about interest rates and inflation. The broad spectrum of geopolitical challenges and impending elections in various countries added to the complexity.

  • Date 18/01/2024

    FTSE Mondo Visione Exchange's Index Up 3.8% In December, Up 11.2% In Fourth Quarter and 16% Over 2023

    December saw an increase of 3.8% in the FTSE Mondo Visione Exchange Index, building on the previous month's positive momentum. This boost can be attributed to decreased inflation and a promising economic outlook for the upcoming year. However, it's important to note that the market remains exposed to geopolitical risks, including military conflicts and the potential economic ramifications of expansion. These factors can introduce higher volatility, disrupt supply chains, and create mark

  • Date 18/12/2023

    FTSE Mondo Visione Exchange Surges In November, Up 7.7%

    Global exchanges sparkled in November as economic data showed a decline in inflation, resulting in falling bond yields, and surging equity markets, as investor confidence grew that interest rates will fall next year. 

  • Date 17/11/2023

    FTSE Mondo Visione Exchange Down 0.6% In October In Volatile Month

    Global exchanges made a recovery of sorts in October as an uncertain macro and geopolitical environment impacted markets globally.